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Expertise, innovation and advanced pediatric care is Within Our Reach.


Construction Journey

Studer Family Children’s Hospital has completed construction. Watch the new Children’s Hospital being built from the ground up via our live camera feedTo see updates around the progress we’ve made, please check back to this page or follow us on social media:

Architect: HKS Architects (Dallas, TX)
Construction Manager: Hoar Construction (Birmingham, AL)

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Projected Timeline

  • March 2017 – Construction Began
  • March 2018 – Construction 50% Completed
  • April 2019 – Construction Complete
  • May 2019 – Facility is Operational 

September 2018

Check out our latest progress

Get an inside look at our construction site with this month’s video tour, hosted by Children’s Hospital President Henry Stovall!

In addition to air-conditioning and a working elevator, we are seeing cabinets and sheet rock inside our new four-story children’s hospital. Check out the penetration into the current children’s hospital. 

August 2018

Construction updates

Construction on our new four-story Children’s Hospital is moving quickly! Cabinets and counter tops have begun being installed on the 2nd floor. The ceiling grid is going in on both the 2nd and 3rd floors. Sheetrock has started on the 4th floor. The freight elevator is scheduled to be complete by the end of August. The temporary construction elevator will be removed in late September.

Our team with Hoar Construction has an incredible safety record, having worked 325,000 man hours on this project without a recorded safety incident. Congratulations to our wonderful workers on a fantastic job!

July 2018

Check out our latest progress

June 2018

Pelicans take flight

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May 2018

Check out our latest progress

New video showing off our construction updates.

April 2018

Framing, Windows and Stairs

Tremendous progress is being made on construction of our new four-story Children’s Hospital! Our 1st floor is about 80 percent framed-in, and framing has started on all other levels. Exterior windows have begun to be installed. Concrete for the stairs is being poured.

Currently, 170 construction team members are working on our site. The crane is expected to be removed in early May, at which time an exterior construction elevator will be installed.

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March 2018

Topping Off: Reaching the Halfway Point

Construction of the new Studer Family Children’s Hospital reached its halfway point. Ascension Sacred Heart patients, physicians and associates gathered for a “topping-off” ceremony, which celebrates the installation of the final and highest piece of steel on the construction project.

The project already has provided significant economic benefits to the community. The construction has provided jobs for 100 workers currently at the site, and more than $20 million in contracts has been awarded to Escambia County subcontractors.

December 2017

New Address: Bubba Watson Drive

The Children’s Hospital has a new official address recognizing local professional golfer Bubba Watson — 1 Bubba Watson Drive.

Ascension Sacred Heart and the Watson family announced a $2.1 million donation to The Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart, specifically supporting construction of the new four-story children’s hospital on the Pensacola campus.

To recognize the ongoing support of the Watson family — who will serve as ambassadors for The Children’s Hospital — Ascension Sacred Heart named the entrance road to the new Children’s Hospital as Bubba Watson Drive. The City of Pensacola made the name change official in December.

October 2017

Basement Complete

Construction of the new Studer Family Children’s Hospital is on schedule and on budget. The entire basement slab and part of the first-floor slab have now been poured. All basement walls are complete. Scaffolding is being erected so the crew can begin working on the first floor. Walls and columns are being formed to later support the second-floor slab. Work has begun on elevators and stairwells. The guest elevator walls had their first concrete pour in October.

September 2017

Footings and Perimeter Base

The beautiful September weather has been great for construction! Our new Children’s Hospital is making tremendous progress! Our giant hole has complete footings and much of the perimeter base, and it is systematically being backfilled with dirt.

Footings and Perimeter Base
Concrete Slabs

August 2017

Concrete Slabs and Pile Caps

Construction crews are completing pile caps, which are thick concrete slabs that rest on concrete piles driven into the ground. They will provide a stable foundation for the four-story Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart. In the next stage of construction, workers will pour a concrete floor for the basement of the new building.

July 2017

Crane Arrival and Piling Dirt

The recent arrival of the construction crane required the setup of a special base. The crane can be seen from around the Ninth Avenue area.

Dirt is piling up along Airport Blvd. outside our Pensacola campus! As construction crews dig a massive hole in the ground to prepare for construction of the new Children’s Hospital, all that dirt has to go somewhere. Small mountains of soil are being stockpiled at a couple of locations on the campus, mostly near the associate parking lots along Airport Blvd. Much of the dirt will be moved back to the new hospital site at a later stage of construction.

Crane Arrival

June 2017

Foundation Pour and Canopy Demolition

Crews have also completed the demolition of the canopy at The Children’s Hospital and Maternity and Women’s Center! The construction of our new parking lot, next to the Ninth Avenue Garage, is underway. Later this month, our construction site will be tied into the gas and water utilities!

May 2017

Road Changes and New Visitor Parking Lot Construction

To offset the loss of parking areas due to construction of the new Children’s Hospital, a visitor parking lot is being constructed in the grassy area on the east side of the Ninth Avenue parking garage. With 146 spaces and three entrances/exits, the new asphalt-paved parking lot will have concrete curbs and LED lighting. Runoff from the new parking lot also requires the construction of a new retention pond. Once work is complete, the retention pond will have a 4-foot-tall fence surrounding it, due to the slope and depth of the pond. The new parking lot will be complete by autumn.

Road Changes
Underground Utility Work

April 2017

Underground Utility Work

Digging for the underground utility work is ongoing and will continue in phases over the next three months. Currently, storm water piping is being installed and additional crew has mobilized for the installation of water, sewer, gas and electrical.

Carmel Heights Road is closed due to this work and will re-open around May 1. Utility work will then shift to the main drive in front of the current Children’s & Women’s entrance.

March 2017

Clearing the Site

The construction of our new Children’s Hospital took a giant leap forward on March 6! The construction site has now been fenced off, and the crew has begun clearing the site.


February 2017

Cranes, Furniture, Equipment & Power

Our team is currently working to make room for the soon-to-arrive construction cranes. Plus, staff members are meeting by department to plan for equipment and furniture needs.

Gulf Power will soon relocate a power pole as we work to extend College Parkway – the road that connects onto the hospital campus from the traffic light near Lowe’s on Airport Boulevard. This road extension, once finished, is intended to be used by construction and hospital delivery trucks only. It will not be open to general traffic.

January 2017

Road Extension for Delivery and Construction Trucks

In the first week of January, Ascension Sacred Heart began construction to extend College Parkway – the road that runs between Lowe’s and the Ascension Sacred Heart Cancer Center. The road is being extended through a strip of wooded Ascension Sacred Heart property located behind the Carmel Heights Building. The road will not be open to general traffic but will allow trucks and delivery vehicles to enter the Children’s construction area from College Parkway. Construction of this road extension should be complete by March.

Road Extension for Delivery

December 2016

Construction Trailers Arrive Onsite

In December, construction trailers were set up behind the Ninth Avenue parking garage to serve as the onsite headquarters for our contractors. Fencing also went up at Ninth Avenue and Airport Boulevard to house construction materials.

Be a part of the miracle

Expertise, innovation, and advanced pediatric care is Within Our Reach.

Studer Family Children’s Hospital, now under construction, promises children and families throughout the region medical treatment and care the likes of which exists nowhere else in our area.

With construction of a new four-story Children’s Hospital, and our major expansion to women’s services, children and families across Northwest Florida, South Alabama, South Georgia and beyond will have the assurance of knowing exceptional care is close by. The expanded Children’s Hospital will increase access to specialized pediatric and maternity care and consolidate inpatient pediatric services in one dynamic location.

“This is an effort to improve the quality of life for our children – the people that are going to grow and care for us as adults. We owe these children a good quality of life. The Within Our Reach, Within Your Hands capital campaign will enable our children and their children the chance to thrive.”

- Henry Stovall, President and CEO of Ascension Sacred Heart - Ascension Florida