Our Mission has always called us to serve the poor and vulnerable.  With the current pandemic upon us, more people than ever are losing their jobs, insurance, and hope.  No matter the reason, we are here for people when they need us.

Not only are we called to serve our community, but now more than ever we are called to support our caregivers. The COVID-19 virus has placed an incredible strain on our clinical teams. 

We are thankful for all of the outreach we have received asking how you can support our healthcare ministry. Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation is now accepting in-kind donations for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). You can also support our community through our MISSION PLUS(+) Fund created in an effort to keep our outreach ministries going and to help our caregivers. 

Mission+ Fund

Your gift will support our efforts and community by:

Continuing to help the poor and vulnerable patients through our outreach ministries 

Helping cover our hospital’s supply, equipment or program needs related to COVID-19

Supporting and recognizing caregivers’ during COVID-19

Right now your gifts are more important than ever.
Thank you for your support.

Supplies / Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Donation

Thank you for your willingness to donate PPE to Ascension Sacred Heart. Individuals or companies interested in donating should call 850-416-4058 and a member of our team will work directly with you to assess the donation and make arrangements. We appreciate you thinking of our healthcare professionals during this unprecedented time. 

We are prioritizing unopened and unexpired products, including the following supplies: 

Isolation Gowns
Surgical Gowns
N95 Respirators
Earloop or Tie Masks
Hand Sanitizers
Face Shields
Surface Disinfectants
Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR)
Controlled Air Purifying Respirators (CAPR)
Non-contact Thermometers
Other approved PPE supplies advised by the CDC

Thank you for making our Mission your Mission. You make it possible for us to continue to serve our local communities, especially the poor and vulnerable.