Our Specialties

With advanced pediatric specialties in areas such as neonatal care, oncology and diabetes, the hospital will be able to provide exceptional and ongoing treatment for acute and chronic illnesses.

Focus on the Children

Why Pediatric Specialties Make the Difference

There’s a different philosophy behind pediatric medicine that incorporates the special needs of children, their ability to tolerate pain, medicine, and a view toward how illness presents itself that makes pediatric specialists the crucial need for a top level children’s hospital.

Very common problems can present themselves in a very different way than adults. Our pediatric specialists have chosen to specialize in children’s medicine and attend to all the distinct requirements involved in their care.

Beyond their medical care, our clinicians and staff see and treat children like children. Speaking to kids on their level, providing more than medicine, they provide care. And that, in turn, leads to better outcomes overall.

Pediatric Emergency Department & Trauma Unit

The hospital can be a scary place for children. For those in acute need, that fear can be amplified. Our facilities will be designed to offer the most child-friendly atmosphere, with a separate waiting area just for kids and their parents and 12 private, brightly decorated rooms to help your child feel as calm and comfortable as possible.

Whereas Ascension Sacred Heart’s current Pediatric Emergency Department is currently next to the adult Emergency Department and Trauma Center, this project will consolidate these children’s services in one building and allow for more coordinated care and shorter discharge processes for children. Ascension Sacred Heart provides the region’s only pediatric trauma referral center.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

This expansion and relocation of Ascension Sacred Heart’s current NICU beds will enable Studer Family Children’s Hospital to care for more premature and critically ill infants from across Northwest Florida.

Studer Family Children’s Hospital maintains two specially equipped neonatal critical care transport ambulances for the transfer of premature and critically ill newborns from other hospitals across Northwest Florida to The Children’s Hospital.


Pediatric Oncology

An expanded unit to provide specialized, inpatient care for children with cancer


Medical/ Surgical Beds

To continue 24/7 care and supervision by Ascension Sacred Heart’s board-certified pediatric hospitalists


Extended Stay/ Observation Beds

A new inpatient unit for Studer Family Children’s Hospital where we’ll care for children who aren’t yet ready to go home


Pediatric Satellite Pharmacy

To include in-house pharmacists and staff specially trained in preparing medications for infants and children


Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Gym

A space where Ascension Sacred Heart’s physical, occupational, and speech therapists can provide care for children during their hospital stay


Child Life Playrooms

A place where Ascension Sacred Heart’s child life specialists can promote effective coping through play, self-expression activities and age-appropriate medical education.

Ascension Sacred Heart has committed $55 million, and Ascension Sacred Heart will raise the remaining funds from community supporters in order to complete all phases of the expansion.


How You Can Help

Just like the kids we serve – who dream of growing up to be baseball players, firefighters and chefs – we have big plans! The Children’s Hospital is growing to meet the healthcare needs of families across Northwest Florida, but we need your help! Making these big plans a reality requires big support from our donors and community partners.

Read our patients’ stories here! To learn how your gift can help support the kids who need our care, call the Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation at (850) 416-4660 or e-mail shf@ascension.org.